Saturday, July 31, 2010

I’ve been Called every name in the book…

Really..  Stop with the name calling.  It’s starting to hurt.  I have been called everything from blog slacker and blog fluky to blog looser and blog deserter but I’m not a blog quitter.

To Marie whom I miss and don’t have an email address for anymore, I’m here….  I’m so sorry summer has got the best of me…

To Gloria (Whom could pass for my twin sister if I had a better tan) I love your comments and think your the best!

To my Parents who get a small high from seeing their grandkids everyday.  I promise to not let you down again.  Stop the hate mail.

To my very best friend that encourages me to blog, tells me how important it is but NEVER reads my blog…  I love you despite that!

To all my devoted readers….  I can feel the evil stares and have received the death threats.  I’m here and have not forgotten about you.  I miss you.  I miss your comments and emails and phone calls telling me how absurd my posts are and that I should not tell people the things I tell!  I miss all that.  I miss blogging.

And to my loving meaty husband.  I so thank you for your pesky hints that even you like to read my blog.  How sweet but really…  You really read?  I should explain.  Those posts that sounded like I was complaining about you….  Not me.  Not me at all.  Not sure who wrote those things!

So I leave you all with this.  Until my life resembles normal again (HA) I’ll be posting as often as I can and hopefully once a day again very soon.  Until then, I have posted about 20 posts catching you up on all that I remember from July. 

Read and enjoy!  But first enjoy my girls:

313 316 126



  1. 'bout time! It's not a small high, it's the ultimate! I admit, i'm addicted to my grandkids. Glad you are back amoungst the cyberliving!

  2. Love to see those sweet little faces! :)

    YAY, now I'm all famous and what not since I've been mentioned by name on your blog, LOL!

    Seriously though, although I do absolutely love to read your blog (and usually laugh at you until I have a headache), I'd much rather you just enjoy the things you blog about with your family & then blog later (whenever you find time)'ll get to it eventually!

    Love ya girly!


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