Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Field Trip

So, three friends of mine, Annsley and me all pile up and head out for a road trip.  It was a long drive and Annsley had herself loaded up with snacks.  That girl and her snacks.


Autumn had her 3rd grade field trip to some botanical garden thing.  It was extremely boring.  I mean, we were looking at dead insects pinned to a wall and then some sort of writing project that I decided not to even be a part of.  (I still a good parent.  I went.)

The first mission was to run around the garden and find things listed on a piece of paper.  Like my kid is supposed to know what the leaf of a rosemary plant looks like to find and describe it.  I was dying already.

Only thing Autumns team recognized on their list was a tree frog.  I got a picture to prove it.  Obviously not my kid in the picture.  Not even sure I know who that kid is.


Then like a miracle, Anns found someone to play with.  Her name is Kannen!


Then because even the teachers got bored, they ended up letting the kids play duck, duck goose.  My baby’s not super speedy and made it in the mush pot.  Sad but true.



The coolest part was the butterfly room.  (I'm sure it has a fancy name I just quit listening shortly after arriving.


Then a tour of the entire place where they had to walk then sit and listen then do it all over again in a new spot.   I think you can see the joy on Autumns face in this picture!


Lunch followed and it seemed to liven things up.  Thankfully Autumn has some really funny friends….


“Autumn! Smile!”


“Autumn, Did you have fun today?”


“Annsley, did you have fun?”



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  1. reminds me of rameys field trip to the planetarium...b.o.r.i.n.g :(


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