Friday, September 24, 2010

A Sad Goodbye

This is a sad post.  Seems as though I have had to write a few of these sad posts.  That’s just the kind of luck I have.  (Maybe I’m paying for something I did as a child.  OR worse.  Something Joshua did  OH MY)

You remember Cupid right?  (We called her Cupie.)  Our precious baby goat that had such a rough start?  You know the one that had a seizure and mine and the girls world stopped?  Well, she seamed to get better.  After a few months of living in the house we finally had the day where we had to let Cupid live outside.  She hated it but I hated it worse.  I loved seeing that goat, she made me happy.  But we thought she was fine.  Apparently though while we were not out there, she was having more seizures.  Autumn was the one to notice she was blind.  We put her up in the barn and she just got worse.  The next day, she was deaf and the next day she died.  It was horrible.  The worst day yet in this house.  It took the 5 of us a long time to get over.  Crazy thing is we still miss her like crazy!  At this time almost all of our goats are bred so by spring we hope to have lots and lots and lots of goat babies.  Joshua has already promised me one.  I can’t wait and am hoping for something with an amazing personality like Cupids….


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This picture of her on Autumn was one of her last pictures.  She was so big and had super curly hair.  I’m glad to have this picture.


Right after Cupie died, the girls wrote her notes and Joshua gave me her ear tag.  The girls taped them to our wall where they hope one day a picture of her will go.  So until then, you will see in the background of some of our pictures; the notes.


I hope during her short 5 month life she had the greatest time and knew how much we loved her.


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