Saturday, November 20, 2010


My sweet little purple Cheerleader.  Not only did she do well practicing in HOT then COLD weather 3 nights a week for 3 months, but she also cheered every Saturday morning bright and early. Unlike her Dad, she never complained!  We never ended up with a great group picture (Thanks to a less than average photographer that was hired. (Not me)).   But it was all worth it in the end when they came in 1st Place at competition.   Amazing.  The other age groups for our town also came in 1st and one came in 2nd.  (What can I say,  were the best!)


Cheering at half-time at a Friday night game!



Competition:  (Biker themed and they danced to born to be wild and another one that escapes my mind at the moment.)  She’s holding a tool glittery tool.  They started the routine like they were working on a bike…  And I have no idea why these pictures are so blue.  Mom…  Whats up with your camera?


This is them ready to start.  Aub’s on the bottom left.


It ends with 2 stunts and that’s Aubrey on the top left! 


Group picture of the girls and their trophy!!


Aubrey with her metal and trophy and then all the girls with their principle.



The entire group.  Aubrey’s in the Kindergarten group.  (All groups except one came in first.)


Ahh!  Glad it’s over but it was so much fun!  (Sometimes)


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