Sunday, December 5, 2010

OH Christmas Tree…..

Were into that whole thing about going to a tree farm and cutting down that perfect and most important symbol of Christmas Symbols… The Christmas Tree.  We we go as far as to turn it into an all day event.  We start by going to breakfast then heading out of town passing countless side of the road tree lots to get to this one tree farm.

Once we arrive we get a saw.  The old fashion kind you move back and forth until you cut all the way though kind.  Not the chainsaw kind that my hunny would prefer!


Then we hop on some old trailer that is being pulled by an even older tractor that smells very strongly of diesel…  My kids were coughing and hacking because of the fumes but really it’s all part of the experience.  Then not even 20 yards later were dropped off.  To die find a tree!


We then go in search of the perfect tree that will so perfectly fit in our house and stand over all our presents!


Then just like lights shinning down upon it from heaven, we see it. 

4 feet in the air011




Then each girl takes forever to try to cut it down themselves and finally Dad comes in and gets it down!




And like any good family we pose for pictures!  Awwwwwwe


Like all the other goobers there, we tie it to the top of our car!  It’s just more fun then taking Joshua’s truck and throwing it in the back!


Joshua making plenty of fun of us!  We get a kick out of the things we do sometimes!


Then home to decorate and spend countless house trying to get the Christmas lights to work!  (Joshua thinks it’s a waste of $$ to go buy new every year but it’s no problem spending 4 hours to check every bulb!)  Fun times!  Can’t wait until next year!


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