Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Traditions

This is the best week of the year. This may also be the longest week of the year. Christmas week is Magic, There’s no way around it. I’m so fortunate to have such great kids that make that magic come to life. Our week has been full of so many great things like, shopping, parties, traditions and a new baby niece.

Although busy, what’s Christmas without all the things that make Christmas so much fun.  The Traditions.  I try not to cram too many traditions at my family so they never become a hassle or get downplayed because the girls get older, busier or too cool to do. I have chosen a few that I think will stick around even after they have their own families. 

My most favorite is the cookies.  This year may have been the easiest with all the girls old enough to understand the decorating concept.  (Last year we ended up with piles of icing on tiny little cookies.)  This year though instead of making cookies from ALL the Christmas cookies cutters I have, I picked 2 and we made the best of it!

002  004 008 009 012

Last year it took a chisel and jack hammer to get the icing off of my island so this year, I made a tablecloth out of wax paper!  Worked like a charm.

I also have squeeze bottles so the girls don’t squeeze icing out of the back of the piping bag.  That’s a mess if you've never seen it happen.

014 015

If you don’t have cute little squeeze bottles, you can use mustered or ketchup bottles!  They work just the same!


The girls in action:

 017 018 020 021 022

Sometimes (even in cute little squeeze bottles) the icing gets away from you.  But, if you have a little sister handy, she can lick it off of you!!


My job was to decorate what the girls did not and so people could actually recognize what the girls had made.  Reindeer out of circles and Santa hats out of party hats.

 029  034 


You can even put Santa hats on the reindeer!


Here is the girls:

042043 044 045  047 048

Aubrey (My artist) turned her Santa hats into “Caroling Ladies” 


So far, it’s been a great week.  Tomorrow night after Church, we will open presents from each other and the girls will open the 3 Joshua and I got them.  (Three each like the wise men brought Jesus.)   Then they will each set out one of the cookies they decorated for Santa and I will read as many of the Christmas books as I can stay awake for.  Christmas day will be nothing but fun and we will spend it together.  I can’t wait!  Magic I tell you; Magic! 

Merry Christmas!  I wish you as much magic as your heart allows!


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  1. Love this! Jason and I might someday want to borrow your 3 gifts idea. We think it's awesome.


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