Thursday, December 23, 2010

Meet Georgia Claire

Okay, I’ve settled down and I'm not so excited and hyper.  I’m so excited to have a new niece.  I just love adding babies to my family…

This girl has the most amazing cheeks.  They are so squeezable and loveable I stare at them until I forget where I am for a half hour or so.  I got to put her first little outfit on her (My sister did that for all of my kids) so after I got her dressed, I took 1,933,867 pictures of her.  These definitely aren’t up to professional standards by any means, but like I said earlier, I was a little spun up and excited.  I may do better next time but I see those cheeks and loose all thoughts except that I want to squeeze and kiss them.

 2134 2137 2139 2145 2155  2158 2160  21832167  2204

This may be her Mad face…


  2224 2225


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