Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

Amazing of course.

Not sure why but the girls slept in until 7:30!  They all came and jumped into our bed.  We talked about what they think Santa brought and what they hoped he had not brought…  “Cole” and so forth!

Each girl ran downstairs (One at a time for some reason) to take a peek in the living room while everyone got ready.  The girls were surprisingly patient.  Trying I think to make the day last as long as they could.

This is what we came down to:

281They immediately checked to see if Santa ate his cookies and the reindeer ate their food.  Apparently reindeers are messy and Santa was Hungry!

Then the girls took a look around guessing what was in each box.  For the first time ever the girls wanted to take turns opening gifts to see what each of the got!

The first gift they opened was exactly what they asked Santa for.  Autumn got the DS and the Girls got the pillow pets they asked for.  (He’s a good man!)

323 312

Then it was time to see what else he brought.



DS and game, clothes, uggs, lots of crazy socks, jewlrey, purfume, cd player, bottle top necklace kit, electric toothbrush and a few little things!



Panda stuff, Cap and gloves, Accordion, Pillow pet, finger print craft set, DS and game, clothes, uggs, markers and notebook set, electric toothbrush and a few little things. Aubrey



Mobi go & lots of games, dot paint set & color books, rolling suitcase, uggs, clothes, Pillow pet,  crazy socks, electric toothbrush and lots of little stuff.


The aftermath:


Then Joshua and Granny cooked us breakfast while Gramma, Pawpaw and I watched!


After Gramma, Granny and Pawpaw left the girl started opening and playing with their new stuff.

 535 526

While I watched Christmas movies.


I was so excited that my Dad came to spend a few hours with us too!  I love the couch full of gamers.  Both Men playing pink games….

542 545 547

Aubrey in all new clothes!


I made my Dad go and see my Christmas Present:

Miss. Vivian!  My Mini Pot Belly Pig.


(I love how he’s looking at the pig!  I can just about imagine what he’s thinking here.  I’m sure it has something to do with bacon or pork chops!)568

After Dad left we did a little cleaning up and the girls were ready to trash their Ginger bread house!  I love love love the look on Autumn’s face as they walk it out to it’s death.  Death by destruction by the hands of it makers!

580 581 582

I love having nothing to do.  I always find something to do but it’s always stuff I think is fun.  So for the first time in a very long time I decorated the table.  I was pretty excited to have it all done up although I never got a night shot with all the candles lit.


   593 594 

Dinner was not so traditional. We had Prime Rib and turkey but instead of mashed potatoes we had twice baked and instead of stuffing we had steamed veggies with melted cheese.  We also had Rolls.  The good kind.  You know the kind that have the 2 lines on the top? Buffet style of course!


This was the last picture I took on Christmas day.  (Granny and Pawpaw came back and had dinner with us.) 


Their is just something about Christmas day.  It’s just Magic!


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  1. I love the collages of each of the girls. I also love the picture of your table and the pics that followed.


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