Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year! 2011

Here is what I am so thankful last year brought us:179

Love, Friendship, Cupid, School, learning new things, New Goals, Tonys, Goats, Craziness, Naps, Holidays, Family, Carpet, Snow, Cookies & Cupcakes, Good Books, Cheer Leading, Good Stories, 2nd Place’s, New Jobs, More Experience, More time with people I love, Cabins on the lake, Teachers, Dr. Pepper, Lip gloss, fuzzy socks, Coveralls, Health, lots of lessons,Dove Chocolate, Iced Sugar Cookies, Work, patience's, New Camera’s, More animals, the 3 most amazing girls, My Hunny, & Our Precious Family closer than ever. 


I’m excited about this year for one main reason.  Last New Year was supposed to be extraordinary.  Nothing was supposed to go wrong and it was supposed to be full of so many new firsts in an almost 180 flip of the life we’d known.  Well, as I should expect and in normal fashion for us, it was not quite what we thought.  It wasn’t the complete belly flop that it could have been but it wasn’t everything I expected either.  SO, the main reason for looking forward to this year is seeing if we can turn it into the raging success that last year almost was!

This year we have the same plans and goals as last but this year we will try to incorporate all the bends and twists that last year produced. (I also have a goal to be better prepared for the unexpected.)  Last year held so many unexpected changes on an already seemingly new life.  Some were for the better and were welcomed and some were not so great and were fought pretty hard.  I think now looking back that 90% of the unexpected changes turned out for the better.  It even felt like a set-back in some cases so we’re not beginning the new year quite where we thought, but were starting the new year. 

This year has just as much promise for excitement as last year and we’ll continue to Learn God’s Lesson’s and find HIS path for us!


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