Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2011 Goat Babies

So, you know we have goats right?  You know we have a lot of goats right?  Many many many goats equal higher odds that something may go wrong with said goats right? 


This year has been hard.  We’ve had a banner year baby wise but it’s also been riddled with the most problems.


As of a few nights ago, we finally have finished our kidding season.  All babies are born, no expecting mommies anymore.  3 goats did not make it though and do you know exactly how hard that is for us?  Terrible.


Our first baby of the season died shortly after being born.  Were not sure what went wrong there.  Our second and third were recently.  A baby born dead (died during delivery) and then the mom just a few days later.  I think she died of a broken heart and if you’re a mom, you should understand.


What's worse, is that Autumn (on one of her many trips to the barn) discovered Blue Eye’s.  The Momma goat.  Dead in the pasture.  Joshua is never home when bad things happen and that pisses me off.  Why they can’t get caught in a fence, stuck, hurt, sick, lost, broke and dead on his watch?

(Blue eye’s was one of the babies from last year.) The picture below is Blue eyes as a baby


Autumn was amazing this year!  Delivered a lot of the babies herself.  Her Dad always close.  When it was Autumn’s goat though she was on her own.  Joshua there to watch only!  She did perfect.  I’ll show you some pictures but I hope your not hungry because you may not be after these: 



Twins!  Boy and Girl!  Autumn’s ecstatic!  Since the Momma goat’s name is Marshmallow, she named the girl Smores.  How cute is that?

Now, if we could keep what we have healthy and ALIVE, we should be in good shape.  We shall see.  We will take part in our first auction in October selling the boys.  It’s a huge honor to be asked to be in these auctions so were super excited!

2011 goat kidding season is in the books!  Whew who!!!


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  1. Super job A1! I'm proud of you!! Do you want to come live with me?


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