Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life is Butter Dream

I’d like to share today a fact about me that I thought would actually never be true and I would certainly not live though it.  I turned 30.  OUCH!  That’s all I can say.  It’s pretty painful really.  I plum hate it.  "I’d rather be 40!”  I would. 

I’ve noticed a drastic change and I blame it all on the amount of years I ‘ve been alive.  I used to be the girl that would never miss anything.  Saw my friends and family regularly and constantly was on the go onto something new, fun and exciting to do with my family.  That has all come to a screeching halt.  NO more FUN!  Our days are so full of the things that MUST be done that what’s fun to us is nothing.  I have planned “Nothing” this summer.  I had to plan it to make it happen. There's a word for that.  Is it irony, oxymoron or one of those terms?

I have changed into a person I used to feel sorry for.  The kind of person that does not always open their curtains.  The kind of person that would rather stay in than go out.  The kind of person that no longer thinks anything outside of the house is worth doing.

Were 3 weeks into this summer and it’s been the best ever.  We have done nothing!  At all!  It’s great!!  I have laundry done.  An empty sink.  Finished Projects.  Organized stuff.  WTH??

I’m even caught up on pictures so that gives me time for baking.  I’ve more than gained my lost 7 pounds.  I’ve decided I’d rather be happy than make everyone that’s looking at me happy.

We do get out occasionally.  A friend of mine felt sorry for my financial state and hired me part time to help them with their trucking business, so that gets me and the girls out the house one day a week or so.  And frankly my dear, that’s good enough for us.

So, if you need us, were more than likely here.  With the curtains closed.  In a perfectly clean house.  With our finished projects and baked goods.  Life is amazing.


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  1. Ok I'm 34 today and have a dirty house, unfinished projects and my oven hasn't seen anything except a frozen pizza. Uggg. What's the deal?


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