Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vacation 2011

So, after a long absence again…  I decided I wanted to blog!  I ‘m not sure where this came from or how long it will last so for now… I blog!

I have so much I need to blog but I’ll go back as far as my memory will take me.  Late summer.  I think the last blog post I did was how great our summer had started!  A bunch of nothing or time really well wasted!  Because of the great summer, I wanted it to end with a bang!  So the very last summer day and weekend we left town for a mini vacation!

I’m not sure Joshua and I have ever just planned, packed and went on a vacation for no reason before.  Usually they involve a goat show, family reunion or something other than just a vacation but this was/had no other plans than for the girls!

After doing some online looking, we decided on Grapevine.  We liked it because there was so much to do in a relatively small area!

This is the girls the morning we left! It was their first morning to get up early and they weren’t enjoying it just yet!  Maybe a little…


Then our hotel!  We spent an entire day just at the hotel, walking around and eating at every restaurant there!  So good!


The view from our balcony!


The next day we spent at bass pro shop, shopping at the mall and the aquarium.



The next day we got up early and swam, went to breakfast and got ready to head home!  Love spending time with my family when all we have to do is have fun!


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