Monday, August 15, 2011

Heart Attack will soon Follow

My Aubrey, My Lover of Panda bears, cartoons, books and cuddling has a new love to add to her list.  Horse Cutting!  Gasp!


She’s told me she wanted to trade in all her Panda stuff for horse stuff. Gasp!


Then Joshua called a friend of his and set up riding lessons from 2 cutters.  (BIG GASP!  I knew what was in the future at this point.)


So unwillingly Joshua and I took Aubrey to her very first lesson.  She did amazing and I left with my heart a little older than before.


And oddly enough she rides a horse named Panda….


Second, third and forth lesson no difference (for my heart).  She was improving and a ‘Natural’.  Crap!


Then, the day came when Mr. Jimmy don said, Aubrey, Lets do some cutting.  After they picked me off the ground, I watched my baby cut for the first time.


Google “The sport of horse cutting” if your un aware.  (It has nothing to do with actually cutting a horse… nothing… no horses are harmed or hurt in anyway)   They have a mechanical horse that goes back and forth on a line by a remote.  It’s a good way for horses to practice and kids to learn.  So they did!  Aubrey had the biggest smile on her face and that’s all she talked about for days!

Then… After a few more lessons, she got to cut alone.  I was ready:

(Aubrey and the horse are to follow the cow (Blue Flag)


You can see how fast they are going by Aubrey’s hat….



Huge Smile!



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