Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things that make me Smile…

Wanna smile during your whirl wind of a day?  Need a mood lightener when things are a little heavy?  Wanna find things like rocks, bugs in jars, one tiny little piece of glitter or a string in every pocket of the pants you are folding.  What about frogs in your fridge?Well…  

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Let me bring my Aubrey over… You may think the little things she does is quirky or odd but I promise during your day you will laugh out loud at least 16 times before dinner. 


She’s so hard to be mad at.  No matter what she has done.  And it’s because of what she has done!  She’s such a space cadet joy.


My Calamity is also funny.  Today Annsley gave her a carrot and she LOVED it!

 022 023 024 027 028

Some of my favorite people studying spelling words:


And because I can’t leave Annsley out, here is what she looked like before going outside to play for a few minutes.  She has coveralls, coat, 2 hats and the hood of her coat on.  If I could have covered her mouth and nose AND make sure she could still breath, I would have.


I was really hoping to have an interesting post about some changes going on at the “Messy House” but it will have to wait until tomorrow.  I also have a very exciting store to tell you about.  Stay tuned…..  Good posts coming this weekend!


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