Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lazy Rainy Saturdays

Today is the first day of Spring.  Yet, I’m watching it snow outside!  I love love love snow but come on.  I done.  I’m ready for my flip flops, not having to get my mass of kids and my self in coats, hats and shoes with socks.  In the summer, you go in what your in and grab a pair of flip flops off the porch on the way out.  Oh warm weather how I can’t wait to see you again.  Note:  I said warm not hot!


Okay.. On to the reason I blog….The girls and their day!

Annsley was so sleepy this morning!  The other girls went with Joshua to run some errands so Annsley and I played Barbie's!


With the rain and snow, the puppies got to hang out in the house.  Very much against the will of Calamity!

 063 064

While everything was calm this morning, I found some recipes I wanted to make.  A few old favorites and a few new hopefully good.  We spent the entire afternoon baking.  I LOVE baking!

Making Oreo crust.

065 066

Look at the hand on her hip while she was stirring!


Right before bed, Aubrey was just dying to get a cupcake!  What’s a mommy to say?

 070 072 073 074


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  1. Love the hand on the hip!!! And you really shouldn't post pictures of goodies that people can't eat...not fair at all!


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