Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 6!

Day 6 (Only 29 miserable days to go).

This morning started with a healthy breakfast.  Rock!

Then my treadmill time.  Annsley was home with me today so I set her up on her little power wheel tractor thing and got her all entertained.  I had my “work-out” clothes on, ( Aka..Pajama's) my water bottle and my music.  Perfect conditions! 

I get on the treadmill with gusto in my heart and exactly 12 minutes and 32 seconds later as I lay on the floor next to my running treadmill  clutching my calves in pain, I realize… Dr.Pepper must not have as much water in it as one might thing.

I forgot to mention is “Day 5’s Post” the exact quantity of Dr. Pepper I consumed.  And I wont say the official amount that I drank but I will say I hit happy hour at sonic pretty hard right before picking up the girls from school.

Moral of this story….  Water down your Dr. Peppers!


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  1. That's my philosophy too!! There is a good amount of water in Dr. Pepper.


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