Saturday, November 19, 2011

Family Pictures

So, we've never had professional family pictures!  Ever!  Crazy huh?  And, I still don’t think we ever have…..  A friend of mine volunteered to come and take a few pictures for us one day.  We set a date and got ready really early.  We stepped outside and realized it may be the windiest day ever!  And, It was so super cold!  But we foraged on and smiled our best!  My family was surprisingly so well behaved……  Here’s what we ended up with:


This one’s too stiff!  We couldn’t joke or play because the girls were freezing and just not in the mood.


My Favorite!  (Maybe because I’m not in it!)


Too over done because I had to photoshop hair out of all our faces.


I really like this one!  Hate my hair in it though…..

_DCP6128 copy

And the picture we really really really wanted was us in the goat pasture.  With the wind we couldn’t do my real vision so we huddled up in a corner to sorta block the wind, and then the goats and kids were no longer cooperative so this is all we got…  Were going to try again in the spring!  Wish us luck!


Thank you to my friend Angel, willing to put up with my family and my demands long enough to get a few great photos of us!  Can’t wait for a great day to do this again! 



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