Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sometimes we WIN everything

So, Autumn is into the breeding part of goat showing.  When you show girl goats that are judged on how good they look and how good at carrying babies they are/will be.  Genetics' have to be right and they have to have the right bone and meat structure!  (I’m guessing birthing hips)

Well, remember when Dancer and Cupid were born?  I remember like it was yesterday!  Dancer was our first goat born to us we won money with and Cupid was a bottle baby that was part of our family and lived under our roof until her untimely death at only 5 months old.

Well, Dancer is still doing well, thriving, and being spoiled rotten.  Everyone around here has a soft spot for her and you will often find her; out among my family and not behind a fence with the “goats”.  She has no idea she’s a goat and not sure why we have her with them. 

So, Autumn will occasionally show her and her baby.  Her baby is something special and does VERY well at shows!  Kit Kitridge is her name but we simply call her Kit!

This past show we did good!  Super good!  Dance and Kit won first in their class and Won a Grand Champion and Grand Champion Reserve overall.  We also took 2 others and they got a first and second place and a Reserve Grand Champion.

Good for my girls because we don’t win every show but the shows we do win, we usually win HUGE!  (When the judge and Joshua have the same opinion of what a goat should be! Ha!)

Me and Dancer Chilling watching Autumn show!  She usually lays her head on my lap and sleeps….. Love that goat!


Autumn Showing Kit


Dancers turn




Proud Papa and Uncle


Joshua doing what he does best… Coaching from the stands…. He can’t help himself.


Love Aubrey's taste in clothes


Autumn was so tired (shows mean early mornings) she took a nap on Dancer while waiting for her picture with the judge.



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